Longboard Clinic: Testimonials

"Bear, thank you very much, for the highly informative and helpful program. I am very impressed with the professionalism with which you run your business and I can't emphasise enough how much I got out of the session on Tuesday. Since I've been back I've been spruiking to all and sundry how good the session was so hopefully all the free advertising might result in a few more clients heading down your way. It was a pleasure surfing with yourself and Yoko, and I'm looking forward to further sessions with you both in the future, cheers."
Bradley Conn, Principal MHM accountants, QLD, Australia

"Yet again Bear & Yoko, I came away from your Longboard Clinic feeling as if I'd made another step along the road to my, ‘personal best’ thanks to your thorough and patient coaching. I had some great waves and probably the best nose-ride of my life, I could ask for no more! Above all, it was great to come back and catch up with the two of you again. I hope it's just one of many more such occasions."
Ray Bayliss, WA, Australia.

"Much to our delighted surprise, “Bear's” Longboard Clinic was the best investment we have ever made into our favourite pastime. His technical advice and genuinely individualized approach to coaching has enabled us to make significant improvements. Even in those areas in which we thought ourselves proficient, we improved remarkably. Every aspect of surfing is reviewed and addressed if necessary. I even managed to take my first tentative steps towards nose riding. If you are going to spend money on surfing, invest in your own abilities and learn from the expert."
Dr Xavier J Fagan & Dr Jessica A Hickmott, VIC, Australia.

"Thorough, comprehensive and fantastic follow up with a written program of tips to improve my surfing. I was a little resistant to coaching at first but am amazed at the advances in my surfing after engaging Longboard Clinic. I recommend it to all."
Ian McKay (Cape Byron Legal) Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.

"Bear, here is what I think about you and your Longboard Clinic packages. I am a 60 year old grommet with a passion for longboarding. I've just spent three fantastic days participating in a Longboard Clinic with Bear and his lovely wife Yoko. I learnt more about longboarding in those three days, than I have in four years of riding by myself after more than a few lessons from 'surf schools'. I now have the confidence, brave heart and ability to get out the back with the big boys. Each day was different, and Bear and Yoko have the wonderful ability, to impart their extensive surfing knowledge and experience in a patient, fun and confident manner. Each day was professional, caring and most of all a blast.Thanks heaps."
Rod Harris, Cooroy, QLD, Australia.

"I just wanted to say I had a great time and really appreciated the in depth and focused advice you were able to give. Your background, experience and overall teaching methods really worked well. It was great having true longboard advice rather than someone trying to get us to surf a longboard like a shortboard. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and took away a number of lessons that I can’t wait to try out in my home break. I will be recommending your Longboard Clinic to a number of friends, and anyone else I meet out in the surf.
P.S. The guys and I are already planning next year's trip to Byron Bay and another clinic with you. "
Dave Shilcock, WA Australia.

"I personally gained a lot from your coaching - you have a great style Bear and a mellow way of communicating complex issues in a constructive and helpful way. Your knowledge of surfing, surf technology, and the ocean, is simply outstanding"
Ray Bayliss, WA, Australia.

"Ben has a rare ability to communicate his passion for surfing, and to help others to share that passion. In my opinion this ability makes him a surfing coach without peer. Others I know who operate traditional surf schools do not demonstrate his level of passion and communication skills, both verbal and written, nor his commitment to excellence.
Glenn Evans (Adult Educational Methodologist), Central Coast, NSW, Australia.

"As a writer and instructional designer I have a keen interest in training. Ben Bennink has the ability to establish a quick rapport with a wide variety of people and I know him to be patient and knowledgeable about surfing and the steps involved in its mastery. Indeed he has given me pointers and I value the way he can clearly model what he teaches."
Mark Cherry (Instructional Designer), Bondi, NSW, Australia.