Byron Bay

Longboard Clinic Pty Ltd. About Us

Longboard Clinic (LBC) strives to meet the high demand for accurate information on ‘how to’ and ‘where to’ surf fun, longboard style, family friendly waves. We operate on four interwoven levels.

  • Online longboard mentoring and surfing analysis
  • Multimedia online family friendly digital publications
  • Online shopping
  • Interactive community orientated marketing and research

LBC publications believe in being of service to all involved. From great giveaways and informative content for our readers, e-mail subscribers online shopping clients, to connecting our sponsors with the most appropriate clients for their goods and services. We strive to carry the message of inclusiveness to all surfing and non surfing members of our community, regardless of age, ability or style of surf craft ridden.

We are in this for fun and finance. Make no mistake, we work to turn a profit, but not at the expense of our readers, or the communities that we include in our content. We believe in operating a profitable business by giving value for money to our sponsors, while remaining socially responsible to the community at large.