Longboard Clinic Walk

Longboard Clinic: Walk3

Ok let's hit rewind; now you're highly aware how your weight is distributed on your board. Stalling, you set the tail and casually cross step your back foot into the forward position, what happens? An even pressure is maintained on your board, weight is smoothly transferred from one position to the next. Trim is maintained, the tail is still set solid, and all is well.
Encouraged by the sense of stability, you take the next step in confidence; the nose is now within easy reach. Sounds much more inviting does it not?
Two more steps and hey presto, there's a weekend warrior defying gravity on the tip.

Sure, you may have gotten there by shuffling in the past, but the chances of staying there as long as you'd like, in full control would be greatly reduced. That is one of many reasons why it's so vitally important to learn to cross step with confidence, so let's take a look at how.
The trick when walking a longboard is to maintain an even pressure and momentum. So you avoid feeling like the board will take off while you unceremoniously fall backwards.

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