Longboard Clinic Walk

Longboard Clinic: Walk2

I stand over two metres tall and weigh in at over 108kg's, agile and smooth are not words which instantly leap to mind when describing my surfing. So why would a behemoth such as I bother to continually work on his cross step?
Well it's really simple, it's because it's highly functional, it maintains trim, glide, positioning and ultimately, control; and if you're really lucky you may even get to look just a tad cool too.

Picture this, you've just spotted a steep little nose ride section, it's just waiting to be hit, you can almost taste it. In your mind’s eye you see Joel Tudor casually strolling up to hit it right in the cranky bit.
Yet the reality is vastly different, you stall, set the tail and start shuffling clumsily up towards the beak, what happens?
The shuffling motion rocks your board gently from nose to tail, rail to rail, slowing your trim and breaking your tail free causing an uncontrollable tail slide or nose dive, all is lost.

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