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Longboard Clinic: The Switch Foot turn #2

These days I do it regularly and with considerable success, it’s no trick, it’s most certainly functional. It works on big heavy logs and lightweights alike I also use it on my mid-lengths. Personally I call it a switchback, simply because when I’m in it, I’m almost completely in switch-foot for the duration of the turn. Then as I step out of it, I step back into my normal stance. The end result is smoother turns with little or no loss of momentum. They also happen to feel really nice, and let’s face it if doesn’t feel good, what would be the point? If it doesn’t turn you on then don’t do it, I don’t surf to please others, that would make me a fashion victim, I surf for myself, but I digress.

  • Position yourself first. You need to think about it, rather than two steps back to the tail it’s now one. So you need to be a little further back to start with.
  • Before stepping back, get both feet pointing more towards the nose of your board, similar to a parallel trim stance.
  • As you step the front foot behind, allow your body to twist a little to face the nose of your board.
  • Bend the knees, not as deep as a drop knee, but do soften them. Do this with legs straight and you’re likely to come unstuck, unless you’re Dane Peterson or someone like that.
  • Step your foot back, placing the heel on the outside of the stringer in the direction you want to turn. Place your toes pointing towards the rail and nose at a rough 45 degree angle.
  • Don’t be afraid to let your bodyweight lean over the foot that you’ve just stepped back onto. Because that is the whole idea of the move.
  • The board will tip onto its rail and pivot around this point.
  • As you finish your turn step forward again into your usual stance.
  • Remember, if you’re going forehand; try it in your cutback. Backhand try it as a bottom turn.

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