Longboard Clinic How to set up for a nose ride.

Longboard Clinic: Setup for a nose ride #3

Setting the Tail

The physics: a belt of water flows around the inside rail, across the deck and tail locking your board in place. Tail set, the horizon of possibility broadens considerably.
Here’s just a few of the infinite ways to achieve this:

  1. The stall.
  2. A gentle pivot off the bottom, resisting the urge to drive hard.
  3. Trimming in under the lip of a steep section, as you approach from a fatter section behind.

Timing varies with any method you choose; but there is one general rule to note here.

  • Set the tail for your nose ride as the wave becomes steeper and quicker.

Now that’s a major issue when learning to nose ride. Because the old grey matter is screaming just the opposite. However, slow and easy translates as, no water flowing across the tail, lack of stability and therefore a tail slide or nose dive.

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