Longboard Clinic How to set up for a nose ride.

Longboard Clinic: Setup for a nose ride #2

Many look at a board with a deep concave and think (insert Homer Simpson voice here) Hmmmmmm nose rider. But that’s not how it works, a board with a completely flat bottomed nose will also nose ride, as will a board with a chimed nose like the bow of a boat. So what’s the concave for? Well sure it’s there for a bit of added stability, but mostly it’s there to slow everything down a little. For all intents and purposes your concave is a brake. It slows the board down. When you’re cruising up the tip and suddenly feel that sinking feeling, it’s not because your concave didn’t do its job, it’s because your tail let go.

Observe any talented tipster; past or present, from contemporary to old school, they all do it. They all understand the value of setting the tail and walking smoothly up to and back from the nose. Fact is, when you see someone pulling solid, stable, gravity defying nose rides; you’re witnessing a surfer who understands the physics of setting the tail and walking smoothly to the tip. I planned to reel off a few names here, but there are just so many, both famous and anonymous. Point is, at your local break, you already know who to watch. The real trick is, to know what you’re watching.

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