Longboard Clinic How to set up for a nose ride.

Longboard Clinic: Setup for a nose ride #1

"Oh man, wish I had a board that nose rides like that" That old familiar mantra we chant quietly to ourselves as we witness others stroll casually to the nose like there's a concrete footpath beneath their feet. I'll let you in on a little secret; it's not the board although it helps. A good surfer appears to be able to hit the nose on almost anything. So why is that? It's because they know how to set it up for the nose ride first.

Now folks I know I tend to repeat myself in the articles, but I do it with good reason. If you don’t get your head around the physics of this stuff and just try to bully your way to the beak. Then you’re in for months or maybe even years of frustration. So if I repeat myself on a few points it’s simply because it’s really important.

Many longboarders rely entirely on nose concave for stability up the tip, big mistake. Unless you're planning a 360 off the beak, it's vital to set your tail first.
Without the counter balance of water flowing across the tail of your board, you’re going nowhere near that nose, its simple physics, nothing more.

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