Byron Bay

Longboard Clinic Free Coaching

Free Longboard Clinic coaching articles are now available.

For years now I’ve been quoted as saying:

'You can't teach someone to surf in a few days, weeks or even months. Anyone who says they can is being misleading. Surfing is a very long process of personal discovery. The absolute best a coach can ever do is to help people improve on their strengths and become aware of their weaknesses. Then over time, one becomes one’s own teacher'.

Longboard surfing takes time, in fact many years to become accomplished enough to even know if you like it or not.

I don't claim to teach surfing. I do however claim that I can help you to better understand your own surfing, and that’s what really counts.

I don’t believe my surfing ability, competition history, media coverage, or even past Coaching Certification is what qualifies me. These things just prove I can pass knowledge tests on surfing, win occasional trophies and get myself into magazines. For me it's my natural understanding of the physics of riding waves and a keen eye for detail, which qualifies me to help you.

It all comes down to an ability to communicate to you, my understanding of what’s happening beneath my feet. When I study longboard surfing, I can see and feel the physics of what's happening, and explain why in simple layman’s terms. I also analyse digital photos and use them in the article writing process. This is the same process I use to write the Master Class column in Pacific Longboarder Magazine.

We are currently building all my unedited ‘directors cut’J master class articles and writing several more. Some are already available free on this website, and more will be added as they are written. This is a free service I hope you'll find it both useful and informative.

Remember, surfing’s about letting go, not inflated ego.

Have fun all, and stay in trim