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Longboard Clinic your Guide to the Glide

Welcome To Longboard Clinic:

Since ancient times the noble Polynesian art of surfing has been presented to the newcomer by the tribal elders. From the surf lore, to the skill and the spirit of humbly flowing with the pulsing rhythm of our oceans, it was all passed on through the generations to upcoming surfers. This traditional system of knowledge transference was treated with the utmost reverence and respect; it was how surfers came to be as the centuries passed.

In more recent times surfing has become one of the world’s most popular pastimes, longboarding doubly so. Yet in the frantic race to teach newcomers, the spirit, lore and foundational skill has been heavily diluted. The result is many frustrated surfers, endowed with raw talent, yet lacking the effective guidance to move forward and improve their wave knowledge, understanding of their equipment and longboard surfing skills. It's just the way it is, living in a franticly busy world. The pace of a contemporary lifestyle rarely affords us the time or space to develop as surfing elders.

Longboard Clinic exists to humbly pass on the knowledge of what, when, where and how to glide at the next level. We aim to enable our readers and their family members to open themselves to the infinite possibilities that flow from increased surfing self- awareness. We strive to offer a deeper understanding of the inner workings of sliding. We are your guide to the glide, covering what, where, when and how. Longboard Clinic’s mission is to have some fun, be of service and help unlock the door to the longboard elder within.

As we continue to update this website, we’ll talk everything gliding, sliding, logging and much more that appeals to old school surfers. If you’re looking for comp results or gossip about the young gun stars. Or perhaps sponsored trips away to exotic destinations, that most of us could only dream of going to, then this site probably isn’t for you. Longboard Clinic is not about the worship of other surfers it’s purely about the love of the art form itself.

Our site is not yet finished, and in reality we believe it never will be, there is simply too much to share. Yet we will continue to update this resource for you on a regular basis. This is a free service it’s a labour of love to the lifestyle and art form that has given us so much joy. It’s gift to you from us, hope you enjoy.

Bear & Yoko :-))